One Fewer to Worry About - Get shut of the junk.

Road Ragers are complete fools - the reasoning behind this is a) they can't control themselves, and b) most situations causing road rage are simply those which both parties (and more) are involved with anyway.  For example, you find yourself seething because you cannot get out of the car park - its too busy and gridlocked.  The guy behind you starts beeping his horn and waving his fists because he can't get past you.  He is too stupid to realise you are both in the same boat.

How can we possibly get around this typical problem?

Apart from giving the driver a full frontal lobotomy to ease his tensions and help him get through his stupid life without harming someone, there isn't a lot we can do.

You see the idiot in this situation will not change - he is fixed in his ways and doesn't even realise how stupid he is.

Now there are other ways around this kind of problem - we will visit these but to be honest - good natured people just have to live with this kind of behaviour and have come to accept it in many cases as part of their day to day lives.  Many will play ignorant - saying they can ignore it - but we can't - not really - especially if threatened.

And why indeed should we have to "ignore" it?  Why should we have to put up with slime like this?  Would it not be far far better if they either dissapeared off the face of the the planet, or just became more polite and aware of their surroundings.

It ain't going to happen - slime is slime and it will stay that way.

Lets take another example.  You are driving down the motorway in the outside lane overtaking and moving along at 70MPH.

Some prat comes up behind you and starts flashing their lights and mouthing obscene words at you.  There is nothing you can do, as there are vehicles to your left and you can't pull in.

Hows that for a common situation then?

We have all been there at some time or other i'm sure.  This is because there is so much scum on the roads these days that its difficult to go anywhere without crossing its path.

So what can you do?  NOTHING.

Slamming on your brakes won't do much and could be dangerous for you and other road users (not that we are bothered about the idiot behind).

The best thing to do is film them with a car camera and send it to the police.

Once again - people like that won't change - its in their DNA to be such dispicable animals and because they think they have the right to treat everyone else like dirt they are blind to how stupid they are.



And do you think we are going to survive when we can't even get along on the road?



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