One Fewer to Worry About - Get shut of the junk.

Its bad news - going shopping - theres a load of scum out there who just seem to think its their god given right to go to the front of the queue.

Lets take an example. 

There I was - stood in a shop queue waiting patiently for my turn to be served by the attendant, when two old ladies came along and started off their filth by nudging me in the back.  One of them moved closer and closer and then we were side by side in the queue.

At this point the thick shop keeper notices the queue order, he hadn't previously noticed I was there, and being a gentleman and a thick stupid one at that, he decides that the old lady is next in line.  Not a chance - I shoved past her and put her in her place.  I couldn't care less how old she is - the fact is that I was waiting long before she shuffled in, and on top of that, unlike her I have deadlines to meet such as picking my children up from school.

I most certainly DO NOT HAVE TIME to wait for her and the shop keeper to have a conversation about losing lotto tickets and grandchildren followed by a political review of the local council and ending with payment, by her, in a thousand 1 pence pieces individually counted from a shoddy old leather purse.


Now don't get me wrong - if I see an old lady struggling - and I am infront - I will always give up my spot - the difference here though, is that she was not struggling and simply wanted to try and push into the queue in a sly and obnoxious manner.

Then we get the snotites.  Not those things hanging from cave ceilings, no, snotites are pigs who cough and snort and sneeze right up against you whilst you are waiting.  Theres just no need for it - these people are spreading their disgusting germs around all over the show and seem both intent to perpetuate their own viral infection into other people whilst annoying them to the nth degree in the process.

What is it about these pigs?  Why don't they just go out and crawl under the rock from where they came? Whats happened to good manners whereby people cover up their mouths before shooting sputum all over the place at 100 mph?  Yes - they make me sick - and I make no apologies for my words or how I describe them.  They creep up close behind and can't even have the common decency to back off a little and blow their germs in a different direction.

Its almost as though they are somehow "proud" they are ill and want the whole world to know about it.


Heres a video to show you how to blow your nose without covering everyone in horrible germs.


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