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Swimming Baths Idiot Parents.

Going to the baths to take your kids to their swimming lessons can be a total nightmare.  Whats wrong with parents these days - the scum i've seen is appalling.  Look, you have an allotted time to go for the lesson.  This time means you have to get there about 10 minutes early and get changed, and typically you will be out 10 or 15 minutes after the lesson ends once everyone is dried and dressed etc.

The spectating area is the biggest issue I have.  Lets say theres a lesson going on from 9am until 9.30am.  Fairly normal - a 30 minute lesson.  The way our pool is laid out, the spectating area runs the full length of one side of the 25m pool.  All the parents of the kids who are in the pool are sitting there and invariably take up all the seats.  Fair enough - no problemo.

At 9.30 at the end of the lesson, you would expect all the parents from that lesson to move out (or at least most of them as some have double lessons) and the parents from the next lesson can then move in to take their place and view their own lesson.  But no - oh no - because at 9.15 some of the 9.30 lesson parents start worming their way into the seating area - cramming themselves in so that they can get the best view.  They start at about 9.15 with their scummy little selfish ways, but in truth this goes on all the way until the lesson starts at 9.30 - dirty chavvy parents itching to get in before the polite ones who are lining up at the door - yes these scumbags actually walk right past the queue pushing by everyone who is waiting, and force themselves into the spectator area.

This is really disheartening for those parents waiting patiently, who turned up a bit early or managed to get ready a few minutes early.  I despise those who think it is their god given rite to just push past decent people - I really do.

But to be honest, the management of the pool are useless - why don't they just make a rule up to say that no parents are allowed in the viewing area until their allotted time?  This would solve all the problems, and allow those from the earlier lesson to exit the area easily without having to squeeze past all the stinking fervent parents who are launching themselves in before letting the others out!!!

This must be the sort of behaviour which is taking place all over the world every single day.  What hope is there for the human race when in our millions we can't even be polite to each other at the dam swimming lessons?

You see the thing is - there is a simple solution to this problem of people who push in front of good mannered people - the good ones should kick ten colours of .... out of all the prats - and have done with it.  This would probably mean that around 10 million people would get a good hard leathering - and they deserve it.

Theres another solution - just be honest, decent and polite - this way (if you're a scumbag) you will find yourself in the right place, at the right time, sitting where you want to and not be causing annimosity towards your peers - who at the end of the day - are in exactly the same position as you are in that they too want to view the lesson.

I know we can't all have the very best spots - but the lesson is actually spread out into groups across the pool, so it doesn't make that much difference where you end up sitting so long as you are in the general region of the pool your little learners are in - even if you get the "worse" spot - furthest away, you can in reality, still see.


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