One Fewer to Worry About - Get shut of the junk.

Look, ok, I have no problem with people doing work from home and that sort of thing.  But really, as a normal 9 to 5 person in a 9 to 5 job I am getting really fed up with junk emails from people purportedly "working" in something referred to as online business.  I have a paypal account and its got an email address on it which I use to buy things online from various stores.  I don't know how it has happened, but some scumbag has got hold of this address and now I get all these junk emails saying things like how I can earn massive lollypop from working in a bedroom for 2 hours a week - with the rest of my time spent on a luxury boat in the med.

Its got so bad that I am close to shutting down the email and getting a new one - but the downside to this is that I will lose contact with the stores I have bought from - they send the odd offer out to me from time to time which I find of use.  So - do these scumbags actually know they are sending me details on programs which I have absolutely zero knowledge about?  I doubt it - they are probably all too thick to even realise (or care) that what they are doing is illegal because of the canspam act or something.  And why should I know about it anyway?

So I have done some poking around and have come across
this guy who seems to be testing out the strategies used by these so called marketers with a case study and then publishing the findings.  I think its a great idea because sofar all he seems to have done is prove the whole thing is a load of codswallop, so the more people that read those posts the better.  In the meantime I extend my anger to the large companies here who persistently send out emails the second you buy something from them.  They are well within the law - but lets face it - talk about desperate for business.  I get some useful stuff, but in the main I get nothing but utter rubbish about items I would never have any intention of buying whatsoever.

Maybe its time the law was changed on how these big companies are allowed to send messages - perhaps limit the number of emails they can send out per year to any one individual person or something like that.  There are some worse than others, but I wont mention any names as that would probably land me in a load of trouble with the law due to defamation or some kind of underhanded business cover along those line.

Yup - this country sucks - it sucks the living daylights out of you.  The only saving grace is that most people don't know its happeneing to them and what you dont know isnt supposed to hurt now is it?

So in essence - what am I saying - well how about if you are a company and you consider spamming the hell out of your customers why not give it some thought and lessen the burdon?  It's not hard to see we are all sick of you, so give us a break, save our email addresses and you never know one day we may even respect your for your actions and come back to buy more of your offerings.  We all know this won't happen though don't we.  It can only get worse because the grab for money is too frantic now in this unstable world in which we live.  Rant over!   Well almost - I was just about to save my page when I got yet another email, this one telling me to give up my 9 to 5 job and become some kind of a form filling freak or other - something to do with surveys and earning 1 pence per hour lol.  Oh the irony - another one for the junk folder.

Working from home spam problem.

(Above - LOL - relax on the beach with your internet marketing friends - joke - get out of my mailbox)

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